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Both women smiled as Dark Magician Girl entered Mai with her staff, with the duelist let out a small moan, tingling with pleasure as her walls closed around it, the ridges adding extra sensation. She was left completely naked. She stared at the Dark Magician Girl, who gave her a wink, then disappeared as the last hologram left on the field. Then, she found it. She grabbed one of her breasts, and squeezed and fondled her nipple as she played inside her at the same time, making Dark Magician Girl become louder, and start to play with her other breast. She reached over and grabbed one of her breasts, giving it a small squeeze as it rose up and down with her lover's breathing.

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But what Mai never realized was that during the final moments of her self-pleasure, Dark Magician Girl's smile had widened as she watched her exhibition.

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Maybe you should start taking off your clothes," she suggested naughtily. She played with that breast, then moved on to the other to pleasure Mai there as well, continuing for a few moments. This made Dark Magician Girl giggle, and finally began to play with Mai's vagina. The gem began to glow red, then disappeared, along with the rest of Dark Magician Girl's outfit, including her cone hat. She was sure that all the other times she'd faced the card before and gotten a look up her skirt, she'd been wearing pink panties.

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