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When the Silver Surfer temporarily had possession of the Quantum Bands, he could also pull this off. Objects are frozen and do not function - technology no longer works, nothing falls because it's all stuck in time, etc. Moving in this state was depicted relatively realistically, with a "thickening" of the air and some care required in movement to prevent injury, particularly when they weren't endowed with proportionate strength. Sometimes the characters who are still moving will be able to change the frozen world around them leading to a Time-Freeze Trolling Spree if they're feeling naughty ; other times, anything frozen is virtually untouchable. However, this is probably a Flash-type scenario where he's actually speeding up his mental perceptions so that time seems to slow around him. While doing this, they appear to be moving and talking extremely fast, while to them the world not only is moving really slowly, but they also percieve their surroundings differently thanks to their spirit's influence; for example Max's spirit allows him to magnetically control metal with his batso he percieves his surroundings like a giant scrapyard, while Isaac's spirit, which provides Weather Manipulation and has quite a stormy temper to bootcauses him to see everything as a decaying temple with a storm outside.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. All submissions must be text-based wishes. As opposed to the song by Gary Lewis and the Playboys at the end of which, said lead singer does a spot-on imitation of his father. One of the AD "Future Shocks" stories has a female student build a machine that can, according to her claims, stop time. The second Molly Moon book has the title character being able to stop time thanks to a Call-Back from the first book. However, if the post is flaired with "Side-Effects" feel free to go crazy with hilarious side-effects. During boss-battles, it seems more like stopping time, though.

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nude girls frozen in time stop in usa
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nude girls frozen in time stop in usa
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