Domination and legitimacy

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Domination and Legitimacy in Hellenistic Monarchy: These could be i religious, sacred, or spiritual forms, ii well established and slowly changing culture, or iii tribal, family, or clan type structures. Ritzer comments that "authority legitimized by charisma rests on the devotion of followers to the exceptional sanctity, heroism, or exemplary character of leaders as well as on the normative order sanctioned by them. Max married Marianne Schnitger in Bureaucracy Weber argued that modern people confronted the rational—legal form of domination everyday through bureaucracies. In particular, Weber was concerned with how these traditional forms of authority hindered the development of capitalism in non-western societies. Recall that Marx argued that ideas stemmed from our material relations and, in particular, the ruling class.

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There are various ways that legal authority could develop.

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Science as a Vocation Wirtschaftsgeschichte For feedback, complaints, or inquiries, contact us. How Weber Matters Today Everywhere we turn, what Weber termed the rationalization of society seems apparent. He volunteered for the German military at the onset of World War I, a war he would later criticize. The restrictions placed on entry may be partially economic, but they are also partially social in nature, having to do with status honour and prestige.

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domination and legitimacy
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domination and legitimacy
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