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T - English - Chapters: You're mine forever, now; I couldn't ask for more. Unexplained connection by Daniel'smummy reviews Bella and Jake struggle with an unusual imprinting, but it is only the start of Jake's discoveries. The first time Jacob looked into Bella's eyes after he phased he felt his earth shift, gravity shifted and he saw himself with her in every sense of the word. After Bella and Jacob are happily imprinted, a certain vampire decides that their union is unacceptable and sets out to redemn her for her sins. She took the base of him and slowly pushed his tip into her opening. It takes more than kissing him to convince him to come back safe.

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He had his arm above my head and had a finger at my entrance. He had his arm above my head and had a finger at my entrance. He lapped at the blood as the bite mark healed and a scar formed where he bit her. Sam smirked at his beautiful Emily. With Edward gone, Bella has to beleive that he will return to her. And well you already guess what Jacob said. Powered by Fiction Portal 2.

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adult fanfiction bella and jacob
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adult fanfiction bella and jacob
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