Banjo tag lick

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Are these the 'tag licks' you are talking about? Simply click on the note you want to hear and it will play. Some of them are part of the signature of the tune. If you want, share a video on your on your Facebook wall, tag us and we'll let you know if you got it right! Every type of music has its standard licks - that's what defines the genre. I am starting to feel like a banjo player when I play those things. I hope this is ok to post - here is rbmalone playing "Pig In a Pen'

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What's the Lick Switcher?

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Improvising with G & C Licks

We hope you'll participate in just because you love learning, plus it'll give you an opportunity to learn a new lick: I hope this is ok to post - here is rbmalone playing "Pig In a Pen' Basically it enhances your overall creativity, which is what we're all about! The slide into the E-minor being pretty much the only thing that was new to me. Why Train Your Ear and How! I think it has to do a lot with where I am at this time in learning about the music - recently I have enjoyed realizing how the licks are sometimes tied together. Luthier Search Hangout Merchandise.

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banjo tag lick
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banjo tag lick
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