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It was quite funny because you heard this big crunch and then of course all the photographers ran over and started talking pictures of them. I just generally like all their stuff, really. No not at all. Think about what style of player you are. Noel Gallagher was just in pieces and was laughing his head off.

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FemaleFirst we lucky to have a chat with year-old Southern based star whilst she was driving down the M3.

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Helen Chamberlain

So anything could happen. I got a couple of VIP tickets through the Sky connection Helen works on the darts for them and managed to worm my way back stage afterwards to say hello to the band. Any tips and hints about the game that you can offer to help First readers improve their game? In fact somebody said to keep my clothes on and that I looked more like the back end of a Bus! I just purely played on gut instinct. We had to gently ease them off after a couple of commercial breaks because it was just terrible television. So they learn how to play it properly and of course they have a lot of spare time on their hands.

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