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It succeeds at showing how traumatized Sue is left by what happened. Not to mention that the first group of girls are slightly repressed with their sexuality, whereas the second are more open about it - and survive. Subverted somewhat as Gale, Dewey, and Randy survive the events of the first film as well. Both the killer and the final girl survive. Watch the movie and decide for yourself. The original film plays this straight with Jannicke, though there's a slight inversion considering virginal Ingunn gets killed first whereas the sexual experience of the others is left a bit more ambiguous.

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Battle For The Sky.

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When the monsters ritually slaughter the college kids, Dana, the victim labelled as "The Virgin", can't be killed unless all the others are killed first, and, as long as she's suffered a lot and is the last one left standing, she can be allowed to escape the monsters without ruining the ritual. She's the plainest of the group that gets stranded in the middle of nowhere and has a run in with a deadly cult, with whom she has a tie with considering that her brother is a member. Played straighter in a number of theatrical and film adaptations, although there's usually another survivor too. Tale of The Winds. Mary was a Hollywood Nerd with a jock boyfriend, until we find out she's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who cheated on her boyfriend with Jen's boyfriend and the rest of the film followed her until she too turns and is killed by Zoe in the last 5 minutes. And her toughness, poise under pressure, and avoidance of sex aren't because she's a virginal Action Survivorbut because she's an artificial human just like Morgan. The second film serves as a desconstruction.

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