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This palm likes regular water but can tolerate periods of drought. Cat Palm Chamaedorea cataractarum Cat Palm can be used as a beautiful backdrop to other tropical plants. In this way, you are planning ahead for the plant's future. Add a little scare factor to your yard with a zombie palm. Cat Palm can be used as a beautiful backdrop to other tropical plants. With all the tremendous variety in shapes and sizes- you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and space! Joey or Diamond Palm elongated diamond shaped corrugated leaves in emerald or blue, 20 ft tall and wide, needs lots of moisture.

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Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera Big marquee palm trees often seen in shopping centers, business, and malls.

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Everyone Loves Palm Trees! A Great Guide to Self-Cleaning Palms

As the King Palm grows the oldest fronds pull away from the trunk exposing the brown trunk with growth rings. These plants can thrive on conditions of neglect and naturalize readily. A very popular fan right now is the blue Bismarckia nobilisphoto to the left. The last photo to the right is the Areca Palm, Dypsis lutescens. Cycas revoluta, "Sago Palm" Native to Japan, not really a palm even though its common name implies it is. Its multi-colored trunk, clean appearance, and dark green fronds have made the Archontophoenix alexandrae, known as the King Palm, a popular choice for homeowners in Southern California.

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height mature multiple king palms
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height mature multiple king palms
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