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Tollin Mark Robert Ellis Duffyand dreads playing it under legendary coach Bud Kilmer Jon Voighta verbally abusive, controlling authoritarian who believes in winning at all costs. In a voice-over epilogueMox recounts several characters' aftermaths, including the fact that Kilmer left town and never coached again despite his statue still standing only because it was too heavy to move. It was also quoted in the teen comedy film Mean Girls as being Regina George's favorite movie. His philosophy finally takes its toll on all-state starting quarterback, Lance Harbor Paul WalkerMox's best friend and Jules' brother, who has earned a football scholarship to play for Florida State.

Mo Moxon as Jill Parker Jones.

Why was Ms. Davis a stripper in Varsity Blues?.?

Favorite Films of Sheriff Bigelow James N. Jackass 3D Justin Bieber: Realizing that he will be forced to forfeit the game, he loses control and physically assaults Mox. Billy Bob also steps in to defend his teammates. Varsity Blues Theatrical release poster. Films directed by Brian Robbins.

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