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Use a sleep tracker Shutterstock. And if that's not distressing enough, wearing a bra to bed is also increasing your likelihood of developing a fungal infection, especially if your bedroom is on the warmer side or if you live in a humid climate. Please try again later. If going without any apparel is not appealing to you, there are other nighttime clothing choices that can benefit your sleep. There are numerous wearable sleep trackers on the market that can help you learn about your individual sleep patterns as well as understand your body's specific sleeping behaviors and tendencies on an entirely new level. When you don't wash your clothes enough, you're actually wearing down your health in a variety of ways.

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You may never want to remove these special and significant items, but sleeping in your jewelry isn't a great idea.

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Naked back view woman sleeping in bed

Search by image Oops! Whether it's a snoring partner, a noisy neighbor, or less-than-helpful blinds, there are certain conditions out of your control that are hurting your ability to fall asleep each night. Sign in to our Contributor site. In fact, when you warm up your feet by wearing socks when you get into bed, you're actually lowering your blood pressure and preparing your body for sleep. Use a sleep tracker Shutterstock. Because the millions of skin cells as well as an approximate quart of body sweat humans lose each day, you're upping your chances of developing bacterial infections when you don't go down to the laundry room to wash your pajamas frequently enough.

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nude woman sleeping in bed on back
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nude woman sleeping in bed on back

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