Grams of protein in sperm

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Share our research-based analysis with your friends: Heck, Heather Locklear says it has anti-aging benefits. I want to lose weight. Not to mention, your trainer's reasoning sounds a whole lot like Mao's belief that ejaculation is the loss of male 'qi. If so, does this mean that excessive ejaculation can make you skinny?

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I'm almost willing to be that cervical mucus has more protein per unit volume than semen.

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Turns Out Semen Doesn’t Have As Much Protein As Everyone Thought

In addition, why would the body have to compensate for that protein if it already is in use for sperm. From what i'm gathering from those comments a number of those individuals don''t seem to visual reveal unit that semen and sperm are separate issues. Share our research-based analysis with your friends: I want to lose weight. Is semen high in protein? That doesn't necessarily mean humans should start feasting during foreplay, but if we did, there are plenty of resources out there to make the experience more enjoyable. Female squid, for example, consume excess sperm as if it were food.

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grams of protein in sperm
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grams of protein in sperm
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