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Skip to main content chross. A good bare bottom spanking followed by a good bumming! They sometimes had to do anything on offer to put food in their tummies, and spanking was a fair offer. New clip on Tube without audio offset! Link 1 Link 2 Login. Rich Spankman on Lisa on

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Lisa on Still extracts are often of poor quality - I'm not sure why that is, although it occurs to me that if you extract a frame from an MPEG-2 video file such as would be found on a DVD, even though the extension there is VOB instead MPGthere is only a 1 in 15 chance that the frame you picked would have all the information necessary to produce a good picture file this is part of the way video compression techniques such as MPEG-2 work - necessary in order to save file space. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Anyway, I like your other shot of Mary Louise better, and I think she looks more spankable there than she did in the Weeds scene. Rich Spankman on

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mary louise parker spanking
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