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Blair's arms wrapped around him and he was shifted onto his side. At best they put up with his mini lectures, at worst he was brushed off or ridiculed. It was too late, John went into a trance, and a little boy about six was sitting on the stairs listening to his parents fighting, yet again. Their conversation covered many topics, and the time flew. Just then the door opened and John saw a beautiful blonde woman come in, "I'm sorry I have to do this Blair, you really helped me but I can't leave you alive," she said, taking out a gun.

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Everything was moving far too fast for him. Chris grabbed Cody and pushed him against the wall the shelf on the wall made Cody fall on it. Nick looked at his watch and realized the two men had been sat in the corner of the courtroom for close to two hours. Rafe stepped up and slipped his 10" cock in Blairs waiting mouth. After a few minutes he felt Barba shiver, then move slightly in his arms. Pulling out he was quickly replaced by Joel. He wants to feel you actually want to be with him, and the only way he will feel that is if you make the first move.

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