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To my surprise, I walked outside and noticed a note taped to the front door of my apartment. I'm a little confused here Why didn't they say something sooner if it bothered them? I was gonna say have sex near the window and assert dominance. Is there a location where it would be possible to do both things? The fact I have to share that with the internet kills me inside. Like, when they think of what to call someone, they subconsciously call them what they are afraid of people calling them the most, because that's what they think of themselves.

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Put a cardboard cut out of a naked person right up against the film.

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Please update the original post to include this information. I was not having sex pushed up against the window. I want the neighbors to know we are fucking The one I have has a bunch of little squares to fake stained glass, and my landlord thought I replaced my first floor windows from about two feet away. It's all about getting that deposit back. I wasn't familiar with "beta-cuck" prior to this. Them occasionally catching glimpses of you having sex through your window does not voyeurism constitute.

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