Cfnm san diego

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View unanswered posts View active topics. Moderator: Brad. It is currently Sat Jul 17, am. Posted: Thu Mar 03, pm. Thad's in San Diego is a year-old dynasty and is the only d swinging club in San Diego. However, to my knowledge, there is no comparable swinger's club to this one in that for its entire history, the dress code has always been mandatory CFNMalthough it never used that acronym, at least during the few times I went. Women can wear lingerie or something revealing and sexy. No street clothes inside ladies. This has cfnm san diego the format for over 30 years and is one of the attractions to the club.

Shoes and footwear inside are fine. I would agree that this rule has been in place for 30 years, but historically, there was a time when women weren't required to even wear something revealing and sexy. The Yelp for Thad's has a guy that worked there talking about how some of the ladies these days might wear a short mini skirt. But when I was there, I saw women wearing such things as a nice dress with spaghetti straps. Also, bikini bathing suites are considered appropriate attire for females, and I saw several wearing their bathing suits to satisfy the dress requirement for ladies.

Here is the Yelp reviews: Yelp Reviews on Thad's You can see from the Yelp review, there are a of females that enjoyed coming. One particular woman, Faye, admits to being a cougar, and loves that there is a mandatory rule that for men that "the dress code is NAKED! Because I was not interested in going into a private room with, say, a middle-aged couple surrounded by a band of naked guys, I never saw any open sex. Further, I never once saw any female nudity whatsoever, not even topless. But all of the men were completely naked, and for the ladies, it was a lot of eye candy given there are several military bases cfnm san diego San Diego.

A of the guys were chiseled, buff guys with decent packages to swing in front of the ladies, and I definitely observed some very voyeuristic interest. In the main ballroom, they have a stripper pole and stage. It seemed the environment was more of a socializing event - like a cocktail party - where people got to know each other. So from that standpoint, and, because I wasn't stalking the private rooms to try and get in, it was absolutely a CFNM party in all respects.

As it pertains to what the women wore, in days past there was more street clothes, but now they have a policy that the women must wear things that allure and excite the men as though that was necessary. As you can see from the report on Thad's written by Brianna, two of her GFs decided to take her, and she wore a bikini under her clothes. I also saw ladies that wore spaghetti strap dresses that snugged a slender figure. At the time, Thad's was across the cfnm san diego from where it is now, but later moved into the house on its website, which was reportedly the former home of famous boxer Jake LaMotta Raging Bull.

The protocol and people have not changed. There are many swing clubs in the world, but Th, located in San Diego, is undoubtedly one of a kind. This is a club with a bar, dance area, stage and pool table that has as a permanent rule that all men must be completed naked whereas the woman do not have to disrobe; rather, women are encouraged to wear attractive, sexy clothing. Consequently, given I wasn't into swinging with a couple and the several guys that ed them in a room, I never once saw female nudity at any of my trips I remember three.

Women also have advantages through free admittance whereas the men must pay. This undoubtedly keeps the ratio in better line. Upon entering, I met an incredible girl in the foyer.

Cfnm san diego

She was dressed in a red, white and blue flag bikini with a body like one of the Hawaiian Tropic girls - awesome, with beautiful long blonde hair. However, she had a plain face and was probably in her 40s. But very friendly. She was just entering when I was, but because women are free and she seemed to know the guy at the front, she just walked on in. She was wearing hot pants and a shirt tied in front around the waist Not as attractive as the first, but was fairly young and half way decent.

Since I was new, she told me she would show me the premises, but I had to strip naked first. She left and came back in a couple of minutes as I stood there now stark naked. It was a bit embarrassing to be standing naked in front of this clothed woman I'd just met, but she seemed to be very comfortable with it, smiled warmly at me and said "Shall we go? The main club room had various tables, stools around a bar and a pool table in the middle.

It was filled with people, probably a dozen women and about 25 guys. And all the cfnm san diego were clothed. Some were wearing sexy babydoll and spaghetti-strap dresses, miniskirts with a tight blouses, teddies, corsets and bikinis, but none were revealing hoo-hoo or breasts.

However, all the guys, including the bartender and a DJ, were buck naked. This never changed throughout the evening despite numerous more couples and singles coming and going. The swinging that went on was never in the main bar room or cfnm san diego area. No alcohol is served by Thad's due to liquor law restrictions and the nature of what they do; however, people bring their own bottles with a name tags taped on them and the bartender pours drinks from those.

Cfnm san diego

One could watch as couples introduced themselves to each other and would sit and have friendly chats, not doubt in anticipation of some playing together. Some of the wives were apparently into getting other men to have threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. There are also couples where the wife is into cuckolding, that is, looking for a young buff buck, often black, to have sex with while the husband sits in a chair and only watches. But again, I never saw any of that, only heard about it from other swingers. At one point two guys introduced themselves to two girls and asked them to shoot pool, which was the hot blonde girl in the American flag bikini and the one that showed me around.

The guys were from a military base and were chiseled, and fairly well endowed. The girls happily accepted as other nude young guys stood around watching and as was another woman sitting on the bar stool next to me. The girls playing pool with the guys were cfnm san diego and definitely prickteasing the guys.

Being a little older than these guys I could see they were just playing with the guys. And since I originally relayed this story, I learned some ladies go there with no intention of having sex, but since it is free for them, they can have a good time.

Cfnm san diego

This means flirting with these young naked men and cfnm san diego the men out the women, the women never want for attention from these guys. Because the guys are nude, they cannot conceal an uncontrollable erection from others. And because of that, I have read that some of these girls play a game with each other, that is, to see who can prick tease some of these young fellows into getting a full boner, then leave them high and dry or wet I guess as they move onto their next victim. The prick teasing became overtly obvious. For instance, when one guy was sitting waiting cfnm san diego shoot the blonde girl placed her hand palm down on his lap about an inch or two form his dick, but not touching it.

As he said something, she leaned over as though she didn't hear letting him know she was staring at his dick and smiling while she listened. Her intended effect on him was successful as he began to get hard. The other ladies just watched this smiling and knowing what was up. When he got up to shoot the same girl "accidentally" bumped into his cock with her leg and feeling her bare skin on his dick undoubtedly further excited him.

She looked down at his cock and said with a smile "Oops". Finally, he was shooting and trying to figure out the best angle when the blonde pretending to help him analyze the shot kneeled onto one knee to get a straight on view of the balls on the table; but she did this next to him holding onto the inside of his leg and leaning over very far such that her face was just a few inches from his semi erect cock.

She stayed there a long time acting like she was coaching him on the shot while the everyone there watched this poor guys penis throb until it was a full boner sticking out and up. In fact, her prick teasing him was so obvious I saw the other girl as well as the women sitting at the tables giggling and smiling as we all watched his penis go from flaccid, to semi-erect then bobbing up in the air with a full outright erection.

Cfnm san diego

The coup de grace came when he was standing there a minute later with his fully erect shaft pointing at the girls he was playing pool with and some couples sitting in some booths behind them. He was oblivious to what was going on as he continued to look at these girls, but then notice the girls were giggling looking down at his hard dick. I looked at them and followed their gaze down to his hard and erect penis. The head of cfnm san diego penis was glistening and I then saw a big drop of precum oozing out of his penis hole and dripping to the floor leaving a long glistening strand of precum still attached to the tip of his penis.

As the girls giggled and stared at this he apparently finally sensed something else was attracting their attention other than standing there naked with a boner and he then glanced down You could see the embarrassment and total humiliation on his face despite his attempts to conceal it with a smile, and there was no way he could cover it up gracefully as he had nothing to do that with.

So he was forced to just stand there and let the girls, and everyone else, look at his hard dick continuing to ooze precum as the smiles and giggles continued. The minute they saw he now knew what was up and was thoroughly embarrassed, the girls broke into a loud laughter and the two high-fived each other - their trickery resulted in victory. After that, the game died and the girls left the two guys with a clear case of blue balls. Second story that night Another woman wearing a babydoll dress would wait for her husband to go to the rest room or to get a drink and become very flirtatious with some of the guys.

One young guy came and was chatting with her, and she invited him to sit next to her. She was leaning over whispering something in his ear, now giving him too a massive erection. I then saw her wrap hand around his hard shaft, but didn't stroke it She was smiling having a conversation with him as she held his hard dick, until her husband returned. The husband got really pissed off and told the guy to take a hike, and he then scurried off. But right as he did, the wife began to laugh. Her whole goal was to manipulate the young guy and prick tease him just to get the husband jealous.

I have a couple of other stories from other nights, and will post them if anyone is interested. Posted: Sun Jun 25, pm. Long time lurker. I grew up in San Diego and find myself curious about more Thad's stories. Posted: Mon Jun 26, am. Register. FAQ Search. Print view. topic Next topic. DangerRuss wrote: Long time lurker. I went a couple of times and have posted my experience. Display posts from : All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months cfnm san diego months 1 year Sort by Author Post time Subject Ascending Descending.

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