Dentist fetish stories

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I hate going to the dentist. But I found a new dentist last year. She was recommended by my mother-in-law. I had only been to one other female dentist and she was not very pretty, and she was very painful. But this new dentist was different. She has a hygienist, but she not always there. My first visit was about a six months ago. So I saw her three times over the course of two weeks. The first visit was very professional, but as we got to know each other our conversation grew friendly. I learned she was engaged to be married, her second marriage, and the guy was in his 40s with an older son.

After the second visit I had to fix some paperwork so I stood by her desk while she sorted out the details. I could see into her lab coat, and I dentist fetish stories that she wore nothing but her bra underneath. I lost my self for a minute and almost got caught. When she got things in order she dentist fetish stories next to me while I ed the forms. As I did she rubbed my back and said I had one more visit and she would see me in a week.

But her smile was more then a casual grin. There was something behind it. She knew I was married, she knew I have two kids, and did she now know that I was looking at her breasts? I have nothing to be ashamed about. Even still I was somewhat surprised by her response to me. I was back a few days later for my final visit. She gave me a warm smile and invited my in.

She touched my arm as I climb into the chair and the sparks were flying. It was all I could to keep my composure. This time she talked about keeping fit. She commented on how good I looked, and told me about her exercise program. She also pointed out that the guy she was marrying should take better care of himself, like I did. She said he was always too tired for much, which disappointed her. But I got the sense she was telling me this for a reason.

When we were finished she shook my hand with both hands looked me in the eye, wished me well and said I take better care of my teeth.

Dentist fetish stories

A week ago Dentist fetish stories got my reminder for my semi-annaul cleaning, I made my appointment for a Monday morning. This time I had to wait in the lobby. She was still busy with another patient. After 15 minutes she came out and apologized for making me wait, but it would only be another 5 minutes. But she called me by name and gave me a big smile. The five minutes seemed like a long time. But her patient left and she invited me in. By now it was am and she indicated I was her last appointment.

She usually takes Monday afternoons off. It was the first nice day this spring and she was very upbeat about having the afternoon to herself. Before she started we chit chatted about things and I asked about her pending marriage. She got a long face and told me she called it off just last week.

I asked her what she meant by that. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was dumbstruck by her comment. She proceeded to ask me what happens to men when they dentist fetish stories 40? I chuckled and said that some things get better with age. She smiled and said she hoped so because at 37 she had given up. At that point she started with the cleaning, she leaned the chair back and lowered it so I was below her while she sat next to me.

She had a mask on so all I could see were her eyes. I normally close mine, but this time I kept them open a looked into hers. It caught her attention and she questioned what I was looking at. I said I found it hard to believe that any man would have let her down. She blushed and thanked me. I figured that was enough of that and closed my eyes. As she was working the cleaning tool in mouth she staring leaning on me, much closer and harder then I ever felt a dentist do and much more then she ever did before.

When she stopped and asked my to rinse she touched my arm. As I turned back after rinsing she was looking at me, like she wanted me to say something.

Dentist fetish stories

Instead I lowered the mask and kissed her. At first we were dentist fetish stories stunned and said nothing, but she leaned forward and kissed me again. This time it was much harder to stop and as I tried to pull away she pulled me closer and plunged her tongue down my throat. As she did she raised the arm on the chair and slid across on top of me. It was a bit cramped but she moved what equipment she could out of the way and straddled me in the chair. I was beginning to realize that we were not going to stop until we fucked.

She was breathing heavier and wiggling on my crotch. I felt myself get hard as she kissed me, harder and harder. I was mesmerized as she undid each button and slid it off her shoulders. I just stared at her breasts, she winked and told asked me if they looked better this way or they way they looked as I stood over her that time in her office.

I blushed with embarrassment. She said she like it when I looked at her. And that it made her fell very sexy that I would find her attractive enough to look at. They were beautiful. Not very big, but with a perfect shape and wonderful nipples that stood out straight.

Dentist fetish stories

She dropped down so I could suck on them and rub her back. I was soo hard by now that I had to get my cock out of my pants. It was uncomfortable for it to remained trapped. And with her siting on me, it was being crushed. I slid my hands down and started to undo my pants. She took that as a cue to help me and she got up and finished what I started.

Once they were undone she slid them down to my ankles. It released my enormous cock. She moaned when she saw how big I was. She undid her own pants and slid them off. She revealed and very tight, flat stomach, and nicely trimmed bush. As she stood next to me I reached between her legs and felt her sopping wet pussy. She yelped as I pushed my fingers between her lips. She stood they squirming while I rubbed her wet pussy.

I thought I was going to make her cum when she stopped me so she could suck my cock. By now I was leaking volumes of pre-cum. She licked it very gently from the tip of my cock. It dripped from her lips as she pulled away to let me see. Her next stroke was to take much of cock in her mouth. Slowly, but without hesitation she pushed her mouth around cock a down her throat. I thought I would lose it right there. But she stopped and mounted me in the chair. Her pussy was soo dentist fetish stories. She wiggled it in her and reached between her legs to rub her clit while she just sat on my cock wiggling.

We were both so hot that she orgasmed very quickly. She shuddered and collapsed on me.

Dentist fetish stories

I pumped her a few more time while she laid across my chest a blew an enormous load into her. Her pussy continued to twitch for minutes. She said she was still cumming. My cock stayed hard in her and was still hard when she climbed off a few minutes later.

I was ready for more. She leaned against the wall of the room trying to catch herself, while I lay in the chair, still semi erect and dripping with our juices. She smiled and thanked me, saying dentist fetish stories she needed that. The tension in her life had been building and she wondered if she would ever feel that way again. I, being the perfect gentleman, said sure thing anytime. She chuckled, gathered her clothes and excused herself.

When she returned she was fully dressed and ready to go back to work. I was also dressed but hardly in the mood to have my teeth cleaned. But we pushed through it and finished. As I left she gave me a big hugg and thanked me again. I was hoping she would invite me back, but she just said she would be in touch to schedule my next visit. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

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Dentist fetish stories

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Dentist fetish stories

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