Doctor sex role play

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I decided to. By: jonathansmithy My mind raced as I tried to come up with something. I considered having sex by the pool. I had given him a blow job once by the pool, but we have never actually fucked by the pool. We have fucked in the pool house a few times. I considered the handcuffs and blindfold thing. Ben and I had talked about doing that a few times. This idea intrigued me. I pictured Ben laid out on our bed nude, blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed. May have to stop and jill off! As much as I liked that idea, I decided on something my best friend Cynthia told me her and her husband once did.

Play doctor! Some sexy role playing sounded great.

Doctor sex role play

The adult way. She is a registered nurse and has the necessary equipment. She even has an exam table. Love ya girl! Anyway, I called her up Friday and asked if I could borrow the stuff for Saturday. Ben had been away at work since Tuesday inspecting a rig and would be home sometime Saturday afternoon.

Our son Randy would be gone till Monday on a church youth group trip. You and Ben planning on having a little fun? When you wanna come get it? I can come by this evening. Not sure how I am going to transport the exam table though! Ben has the truck. We disassembled the tablebut it only takes about 30 minutes or so to put together. I have some empty appointment in sheets I can bring ya as well. Rick and Cynthia arrived shortly after 5 pm. We set everything up in the pool house. I was getting excited as everything was coming into place.

Sounds like fun! What do you say girls! We had some wine and talked till almost 10 pm. After they left, I locked the pool house and headed to the main house. I had drank a little too much doctor sex role play and was feeling a little tipsy. I locked the house up and headed for a shower to clear my head up a bit. After a nice hot shower, I crawled into bed. The cool sheets felt good against my naked skin. I clipped of the lamp and literally passed out.

I awakened at am having to pee really bad. I had a small hang over hate those! Why I generally try not to drink too much. After releaving my bladder and taking a couple Tylenol, I walked to the kitchen still nude I was alone in the house so what the hell! After finishing a peanut butter sandwich, I decided to take a dip in the pool.

I love swimming nude, it is so refreshing. The water felt good and cool.

Doctor sex role play

I swam for about 20 minutes, then headed back inside. I dried off then crawled back into bed. I began thinking about Ben and the plans I had made for us. Horny, I jilled off to a couple of intense orgasms, then drifted back off to sleep. It was after 9 am when I finally got out of bed and dressed. I cleaned up around the house a bit, put some clothes on to wash and folded some others. It was almost 3 pm when Ben called from the airport, telling me he was on his way home.

He arrived home around I met him at the door and threw my arms around him. We kissed our tongue explored each others mouths. His hands cupped my ass. I could feel him getting hard. I looked into his eyes and smiled. I then dropped to my knees in front of him and began to unfasten his belt and trousers. His dick jumped out at me all swollen and hard. I took his dick into my hand and slowly stroked him. I then leaned forward and ran my tounge around his dickhead and down the shaft.

Doctor sex role play

I held his cock with one hand and began to tongue his balls. I gently took each nut into my mouth and carefully sucked on each one, bathing them with my tongue. Ben groaned his approval. I then smiled as I again kissed the head of his swollen dick. He groaned as I took his dick into my mouth and began to suck him.

Doctor sex role play

He slowly began to thrust his hips, fucking my mouth. He was definitely enjoying my blow job. Suck my cock! Ohhhh baby take it! Here it comes! Ohhhhh fffuuucckk Gina! I swallowed his baby gravytaking my hand and milking every drop from his balls.

Doctor sex role play

Welcome home! We left to go eat at six thirty. We dined at this wonderful Italian restaurant. The pasta with Alfredo sauce was divine. The service was top notch. We stopped by a friends house before finally making it home a little before 11 pm. We were barely in the house when he grabbed me and kissed me very passionately. What ya say!

Doctor sex role play

Let me get it. No peeking! He smacked my ass playfully as I did. I entered the pool house and changed into my costume. I slipped on doctor sex role play lab coat with no shirt underneath, my nipples stood out erect. I then slipped on the white mini skirt and finally my stockings that came mid thigh and attached my garters.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I have to admit, I looked sexy as hell. I picked up my cell phone and called Ben. I got a problem. Ben showed up a few moments later. He opened the door and his jaw dropped when he saw me and the scenery that I had set up. I came back a couple minutes later. I purposely dropped my ink pen and bent over to pick it up, giving him a clear view of my naked ass and pussy that had been hidden by my skirt. I walked away and left him alone for a few moments so he could soak in the situation.

When I returned he was laying on the exam table nude, covered from the waist down. I walked over and pretended to take his pulse. I then put the stethoscope in my ears and placed the flat end on his chest. Well, your vitals sound fine. Your heart is beating a little fast, but its nothing to be concerned about. Have you been under alot of stress?

This is highly inappropriate! I opened the bottle of massage oil and poured some into my hand. I then began to massage his chest, shoulders and arms. My lab coat was unbuttoned enough that when I leaned over, he could see my naked breast. I noticed the lump in the sheet getting larger. I stopped my massage and wiped my hands with a towel. I then reached my hand under the sheet and fondled his nuts gently.

Doctor sex role play

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