First enema stories

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My sister Sue and her husband Hal invited me to spend a relaxing long weekend with them at their cabin at Lake Tahoe. August is quite warm and I took little else but some shorts, Levi's, a couple tops, and my swim suit. After the drive up to the lake we spent the remaining hours sitting on the deck in the sun. First enema stories is a real beauty with long blonde hair and a knockout figure.

Hal is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen. Tall, tanned, and well built. I was very fond of Hal and always envied Sue when she married him. Even though I was fourteen, Sue let me have some of the wine they were drinking and I remember getting a little tipsy after two glasses full.

We had a nice dinner and chatted a while before turning in. The next day I spent the morning on the sun deck wearing some shorts and a halter top working on my tan.

First enema stories

Sue was in the cabin and Hal was doing some work in his "away office". About noon I came in the living room and sat down with Sue on the sofa. Sue guided our conversation to sex which was a little embarrassing to me since I was still a total virgin. She related how she lost her virginity as a teenager and what a painful experience it was. I remember the night it happened. Sue got home late that evening and came straight to the bedroom we shared.

She was crying and seemed in considerable pain. As she undressed I could see blood all over her legs and her panties were soaked with blood.

First enema stories

The boy she had been with gave her no chance to relax and prepare. Being anxious and afraid her vagina was dry and when he roughly thrust into her body some of the delicate tissue was torn. He broke her hymen in the same thrust. Sue showered and we tried to sleep but I could hear her crying most of the night.

First enema stories

When we got up the next morning there was blood on her sheets and she was still bleeding a little. The whole experience was so first enema stories she did not have sex again until after she and Hal were married. Even then, she told me, she couldn't enjoy sex for quite a while. It was only because Hal was so patient and helped her relax that she began to actively participate. Now they have a full and wonderful sex life, she said.

I felt a little uncomfortable with the conversation but Sue continued. She told me that she did not want me to suffer through such an experience and knew that if I was properly prepared I would love and enjoy sex. Then she shocked me by saying that she and Hal had agreed to undertake my initiation. Sue stood up and took my hand. Half stumbling and starting to cry, Sue lead me to my bedroom. Through my tears I begged her not to hurt me.

She assured me that was the last thing in the world they wanted to do and again told me not to be afraid. In my bedroom I stood numbly with tears streaming down my cheeks while Sue removed my halter top. She looked at my breasts and told me I had the makings of a beautiful figure.

Then she pulled my shorts down to my ankles.

First enema stories

Sue put her arms around me and hugged me close to her and told me not to cry and that everything would be fine. A moment later I felt her fingers inside the elastic of my panties and she slipped them down over my buttocks letting them fall down to my ankles on top of my shorts. She pulled me forward and I stepped out of my clothes. Looking at my naked body, she again told me how pretty I was. Even though she tried to comfort me I couldn't help remembering how she was when she came home that first night. Then she handed me a short bathrobe. When I put it on Sue wiped the tears from my face and lead me out of the room and down the hall to their bedroom.

As we entered the room I saw Hal standing by their big poster bed. Hanging from one of the posters was a partially filled enema bag. I recoiled at the sight recalling a few enemas my mother had administered when I was constipated. It was not a happy memory.

I blurted out that I didn't need that but Sue guided me to the side of the bed. She explained that an enema would help relax me. Then she told me that if it were properly administered it was an extremely pleasing experience for a woman and one that could not only intensify sex later but could often bring on an orgasm by itself. Hal then told me they would administer a series of enemas. Each one would progressively contain more fluid and my position would be changed. The result would be a thoroughly cleaned and empty bowel. And I would be completely relaxed and more receptive.

Sue sat down on the bed and First enema stories positioned my on my left side with my head in Sue's lap. Then he drew my legs up into a fetal position with my right leg slightly over my left. This, he explained, was the classic position used in hospitals. I felt him raise the bottom of the robe and knew that I was now fully exposed to him.

The embarrassment was overwhelming and I shut my eyes tightly. Hal raised my right cheek and I felt him gently rubbing something slick on my anus. Sue told me not to think about anything except the sensations I felt and again said not to be afraid. When the nozzle tip first touched first enema stories, my anus puckered tightly shut. Hal was rotating the nozzle back and forth as he pressed and it slowly slipped in. I felt every millimeter going in and it didn't hurt at all.

A little shiver swept through my entire body as I felt the nozzle slide in and lightly brush my colon. To my surprise, it felt very good and I took pleasure in this new sensation. Hal gently stroked the nozzle in and out while he rotated it back and forth.

I had never felt anything like that in my life.

First enema stories

Just as I let out a soft moan at this pleasing new sensation I heard a click and suddenly there was a rush of warmth in my lower back and rectum. Sue told me to relax and left the warmth spread through me as Hal continued the manipulation of the nozzle. As I relaxed more I found myself enjoying the administration of my first proper enema. It only took a few minutes for the one quart solution to enter my body. Hal clipped off the tube, slowly removed the nozzle, and told me first enema stories lay still. Since I was not yet ready to have a man see all of me, he left the room.

Sue gently rubbed my back and then rolled me over to gently rub my stomach and lower abdomen. Her massage felt wonderful and helped work the solution deeper into my intestines. Before long I could feel the pressure building and Sue guided me to the toilet where she had me sit forward on the seat and lean back slightly. Sue explained that the technique for expelling the enema solution was just as important as how I received it.

I was to hold the solution until the pressure really built up and then just relax to let some out. Let the pressure build again and relax. Never force it out. A moment later I couldn't hold it any longer and, as instructed, just relaxed. A torrent of sudsy warm water and feces burst out of my anus. The feeling was absolutely exquisite and I let out a little moan of pleasure as my body shuddered.

First enema stories

I had no idea anything could feel like that. Sue told me Hal had used a solution of warm water with non alkaline soap and lanolin. Alkaline soap will irritate the intestines and cause burning. When I had expelled the enema and cleaned up we reed Hal in the living room.

First enema stories

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