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I've tried to uninstall and reinstall it but still nothing and I created new it's still saying the same thing , what I someone tries to add me in some will it work? Did it recently update? I haven't been able to log in for over a week, I contacted Kik and they just ignored me, they couldn't give shit. Yes i have tried it, still the same thing and i even went on creating a new and I'm using the latest version from the app store it was still the same thing.

Why would you say what's your kik, then say "i prefer this". GAG's not even a hookup site yo. Just be honest, you wanted her username, so you could try and perv. Eh, maybe once we get Thomas and Rose and Shump and Tristan back, but, right now, we have no serious defense. We lost to the bucks last night, in a thriller. Spurs are in a bit of a rebuild, because TP is getting too old, ginobli's on his last leg, duncan retired and leonard JUST came back from injury. He's their best guy. So, they're in a rebuild, and are playing too well for a team that is not made up of any SUPER stars.

They were blown out by their cross state rival, Houston, the other day. On Kik it says "Error something went wrong please join groups on kik it another whirl" every time I try to or create a Group. How fix this Kik error?

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Join groups on kik

Kik problem "Error something went wrong please give it another whirl", do you know how to fix? Add Opinion. Lazyrous Xper 4. Yea, its been glitching lately fot everyone.

Join groups on kik

You need to either wait for a new update or try to reintal. Uninstall and reinstall but you will loose all your thre. Have you reported it to kik? Show All Show Less. Hello dear u can ADD me up on hangout Sandrarockxy gmail. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I have equally tried reinstalling yet nothing.

I created a new nothing. Months later and this still isn't fixed, Kik is a fucking joke. Hxxmx Xper 4. Months or more like years later.

Join groups on kik

JayLiche Yoda. TheClevelander1 lmao, idc if someone knows my Kik lol. Not really I was just joking. TheClevelander1 lol my name? Cavaliers look good this year by the way. Maybe they will beat warriors. Related myTakes. I know plenty of Men Player Version. Surviving the ro of Italy. When the world closes in! Part 1.

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Join groups on kik

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