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Tips on how to spot gift card scams and gift card fraud. If someone offers to pay you money to buy gift cards… STOP! Read this post on Gift Card Scam Protection. Compared to credit card fraud and other forms of identity theft, gift card theft is actually quite small and the damage done is generally limited to the value of a gift card. Though scammers can be tricky and pretty persuasive, you generally should be able to avoid gift card scams by following the tips below. Send secure eGift Cards via. Internal Revenue Service.

To avoid being arrested for tax evasion, the victim is told that he or she can pay the fine with iTunes gift cards or other gift cards. Once gift cards are purchased, the scammer will ask the victim to repeat the gift card s over the phone—at which time, the scammer drains the value of the gift cards. Victims who fall for the initial ploy are often told to go back to the store to buy additional gift cards.

Quick Tips! If someone claims to be from the IRS, hang up. Balance Check in Private If someone asks to listen as you call to confirm the balance of a gift card, it is likely a scam. Inspect Gift Card Packaging If the packaging looks tampered with or the PIN is revealed, turn the gift card into the cashier and pick a different card. Check the Activation Receipt Be sure the gift card listed on the activation receipt matches the gift card you receive. Only Buy from Reputable Resellers Only buy discount gift cards from a gift card reseller that has customer service and will give you a money-back guarantee on purchases.

Save Activation Receipt Whenever you buy a gift card, save the purchase and activation receipt until the gift card is redeemed. Internal Revenue Service officials and left victims voics kik gifts scam them of tax evasion and threatening them with arrest. If you get an from a company telling you to make a payment with gift cards, delete it. If you have any doubts that the call or is legitimate, contact the company yourself. Initiate the call yourself. When an offer is made, the buyer asks the seller to confirm the balance on the card by calling the merchant in a three-way call.

While listening to the seller enter the gift cardthe buyer records the touch tone s entered to intercept the gift card. The fake buyer then uses the gift card without paying for it. Although this scam seems pretty obvious in hindsight, people are often fooled because the scam simply makes sense. Shortly after he hung up the phone, someone kik gifts scam the Best Buy gift card to make a purchase in California.

Lesson learned. WHAT TO DO: The best way to avoid this gift card scam is to simply use gift cards soon after you receive them, leaving little opportunity for a bot to find your gift card in the system. I also suggest checking your unused gift card balances often. Lastly, if you have an unwanted gift card —one that you are not likely to use—then sell it for cash. People who buy discount gift cards are often planning to use them quickly so that is another way to ensure gift cards are used by their rightful owners.

For Merchants: Although I have heard it suggested that merchants prohibit balance check from their systems and instead require consumers to call a telephone for balance inquiry to avoid this type of kik gifts scam, I believe merchants should put security measures in place rather than inconveniencing consumers. Simple steps such as requiring a PIN or CVV in order to redeem a gift card or monitoring the of balance inquiries that come into the system should help.

Then the scammer waits for a customer to buy the compromised gift card, checking the balance online until a dollar amount is loaded onto the card. As soon as a balance appears, the thief uses the gift card online or makes a duplicate plastic gift card that can be used in stores. This gift card scam works best when there is a controlled of gift cards available such as a small merchant with a stack of 10 gift cards on the counter.

At a larger store, the gift cards near the cash register or on the ends of the rack would most likely be the ones affected. Pick a gift card from the middle of the rack or from a less-frequented area of the store. At a grocery store gift card kiosk, for example, you might select a card hanging in the middle position on one of the pegs rather than those that are hanging in the first position. Some thieves will still take the packaged cards, open them to get the s, and then tidy the envelope back up in hopes no one will notice. Some also scratch off the PIN and re-cover it with a sticker or just leave it entirely exposed.

Once the scammer has access to the gift cardhe or she will use it as soon as an unsuspecting customer activates the card. Scammers work hard to be discreet, using razor blades to separate the envelopes or scratch the PIN labels off with care. If the card looks tampered with in any way, turn it into the cashier and buy a different gift card. As the customer hands a gift card to the cashier for activation, the cashier activates a different card and hands the original back to the customer.

Or the opposite is true. The cashier activates the first card, but hands an inactive card to the customer. In either case, the cashier kik gifts scam up activated gift cards while handing out blanks. Check the gift card listed on the activation receipt to ensure it matches the on the card you just received as well. To shorten the time between buying and selling these gift cards and to eliminate the need to ship the physical plasticsmany online resellers accept gift codes—the s on the cards—rather than require sellers to mail in their plastic gift cards before getting payment.

Scammers sometimes try to sell kik gifts scam codes for cash, then quickly use the cards after the company confirms the balance and accepts the card. In some cases, the reseller will discover the fraud. In other cases, the person buying the discount kik gifts scam card is the one who figures it out. Before you can use the gift card, you have to go to the activation website and enter the gift cardexpiration date, and card verification code CVC.

Gift card scammers create fake websites with similar web addresses in hopes that victims will land on these fraud sites instead of the real activation site. In addition to catching people who simply mistype the web address, they lure others to the fraud sites by bidding on the activation site keywords to ensure the fraud websites appear at the top of search engine. When someone enters their card information into the fake website, scammers take the card information, activate it themselves on the correct website and drain the value of the gift cards.

RED FLAG: While it may be difficult to detect a fraudulent activation site simply by looking at it, most do have a less professional appearance than the real site. Additionally, you may find misspellings and references to legitimate gift card issuers, but the most telling clue is that the website address at the top of the does not match the address listed on the card.

If the print on the back of the gift card is too small to read, get a magnifying glass or use your mobile device to enlarge the print. You can also call the phone instead of using the online activation.

Once you find the correct site, you can bookmark it for future gift card balance checks. These individuals have been reaching out to Facebook users to say that they have been approved to have additional funds added to their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income SSI card and ask the user for their credit card information. These individuals are not associated with GiftCards. Please remember that GiftCards. If you are contacted by them, do not provide any personal information. Do not use phone s given to you from potential fraudsters, simply hang up and get the yourself. The same is true for s.

If you see anything amiss misspellings in the the words, close-but-not-exact addresses and anything else suspiciousjust delete the. If you want to be certain it is bogus, call the company directly—again, not the phone listed in the. And lastly, do not be afraid or embarrassed.

Scammers are hoping to make you feel this way so you will not ask other people for help. Do not fall for it. These people are very good at what they do unfortunatelybut there are many more good people in the world who are willing and wanting to help.

Although gift card fraud is not welcome, gift cards cannot be overspent so a thief can only take the value of the card, nothing more. Still, the experience could dampen an otherwise good party or happy holiday. If you have any questions about gift card scams and fraud schemes, leave a note in the comments or reach me at GCGirlfriend on Twitter. Happy Gift Carding!

Kik gifts scam

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