Men wearing pantyhose stories

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I was single and aged I had been engaged for two years to a beautiful woman but the relationship had gone stale for each of us. We had lived together in a garden apartment for two years and she chose to move out and was staying with her parents until she could find a new place.

I was sad as I missed her but felt relieved with the knowledge that the word "marriage" would not be a word that would involve a lengthy and men wearing pantyhose stories sad discussion. She was ready for marriage and children and I was not. Sexually we were not as compatible as I wanted. She was more of a traditionalist and the word fantasy never seemed to be in her vocabulary. She had the most perfect body on a female I ever saw.

However she was like a Ferrari that had a lawnmower engine under its hood. I have a fetish involving nylon stockings and or pantyhose. She thought my fetish was "perverted" and as a result I kept it under wraps. She had these long legs and when she would dress up for a dinner or other type of social engagement and wore pantyhose or sometimes a garter belt and stockings my hands were all over her and she would get annoyed.

I never manhandled her. I am a passionate guy and would get excited when we would kiss. She was so beautiful. After a while I gave up. Sex became a duty. I felt like I was going to explode. After she left my life I would date on occasion but there was nothing serious going on.

I was feeling my way around after being in an exclusive relationship. As a young guy I had experimented with wearing nylon stockings and I also had experimented with wearing nylons while with a guy my cousin. When my relationship ended with my girlfriend I went out and purchased at least a dozen pair of pantyhose all sheer to the waist in different colors. I also purchased two pair of pumps, one in red and one in black and two skirts. I had learned how to walk in three inch heels and how to sit and get up while wearing a skirt, heels and pantyhose.

I would wear these items alone in my apartment and watch television sometimes watching a porn movie and then I would masturbate to a great orgasm. I never shared with anyone what I did in the confines of my apartment. There was a definite plus to being alone. The apartment complex I lived in consisted of about men wearing pantyhose stories buildings spread out over several acres.

There was a mixture of singles and of families living there. There were laundry rooms situated at different locations. One night after work I carried my dirty laundry to the laundry room. In a separate lingerie bag I had three pair of pantyhose that I was going to place in one of the washers on the gentle cycle and the other laundry on the second machine. I sat with a book and read. I had been alone when I started my laundry. After about a half hour another tenant arrived with a basket of laundry.

He was a white male about my age. His name was Richard. He said he preferred being called Rich. He lived in a building on the other side of the apartment complex. I asked him why he did not use the laundry room closer to his apartment and he said that there were a lot of families near him and the laundry room always seemed crowded.

He was single cop. We chatted for a while and then my laundry was finished, I unloaded it being careful I thought not to let him see the pantyhose I had washed. As I was leaving he mentioned "Doing laundry for the wife?

Men wearing pantyhose stories

I stopped to chat with him. He said he was having a cookout the next day and was having some of his friends over and asked me if I wanted to attend. I accepted and he said the cookout would start at P. I asked him if I needed to bring anything and he said only to show up. The next day I walked to his building. On the lawn outside of his apartment there was a gas grill and tables and chairs. There were about twenty people and some kids as well. There was beer and burgers and hot dogs were being served as well. It seemed that most of the guests were cops and their families.

There were also a few single women that were friends of Rich. One of them was a striking red head named Cathy. She worked as a dispatcher where Rich worked. He whispered to me at the party that his Captain a married guy was sleeping with her. As a result I kept my distance. I arrived a little after P. I have a gift of gab and therefore I was able to mix well with the hosts guests. I saw Rich mixing with his friends and on occasion he would walk over to me to see that I was okay.

I had a good amount of beer to drink and had a good men wearing pantyhose stories. At about P. He thanked me for coming. I started walking back to my apartment. The walk normally took about five minutes as my apartment was on the other side of the complex. I had walked about two hundred feet from the party when I heard my name called and saw Rich running to catch up to me.

I asked him what he wanted. He said that the night we met in the laundry room he had noticed that I had washed what appeared to be stockings or pantyhose.

Men wearing pantyhose stories

I told him he was correct. He wanted to know if they were mine and I said yes. He asked me if I would try them on for him I asked him why. He said he had a thing for legs in pantyhose and or men wearing pantyhose stories. I told him that there were many women I was sure would wear them for him and anyhow I was just a guy and I only wore them for me. He was insistent. I told him my building location and apartment and that he should arrive in a half hour. As I walked to my apartment I wondered what he wanted and also what I wanted.

The beer had for sure lowered my defenses. I got horny walking to my apartment. I arrived at my apartment and immediately took a shower, shaved and washed my hair. I have very fine and light hair on my legs and never shave them. As a result in my opinion my legs looked good in pantyhose and heels. I posed in front of the mirror in the bedroom and crossed and uncrossed my legs.

I ended up with a massive erection that poked out from under the skirt when I stood. I had to calm myself down. I had put on a black sleeveless tee shirt, no underwear and a beige pair of pantyhose.

Men wearing pantyhose stories

I wore a pair of black pumps and a red skirt that was a little above my knees. I wondered again to myself what I was doing and what he wanted. I felt strangely comfortable and in control but also excited. I sat on the couch in my living room and waited for Rich. A little over a half hour later there was a knock at my door and I heard his voice. I told him the door was opened and he came in. He arrived with a bottle of wine. He looked like he had showered and had on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I thanked him again for inviting me to the party. I got up and brought the wine into the kitchen where I uncorked the bottle and brought it back with two glasses.

I noticed out of the corner of my men wearing pantyhose stories that Rich was checking out my legs. He said he could not believe how good my legs looked. He sat on a cushioned chair across from me and we talked. I noticed that when we spoke that his eyes never seemed to leave my legs. I crossed and uncrossed them and I could see him gulp at his wine while he stared. About ten minutes went by. He asked me if he could touch my legs. I said he could provide he was careful not to be too rough and cause any runs or snags. He walked over to the couch and sat next to me on my right.

He touched my right knee and calf. I placed my legs up on the coffee table and spread them slightly. His hand went up my thighs and then stopped. We talked and he stroked my legs. I became very hard. He said he loved women who wore pantyhose but he had the same problem I had with women and the same subject.

Men wearing pantyhose stories

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