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JUGS, melons hooters, bahama mammas Many women jet off to Poland, Spain and Slovakia, in search of lower prices - but bagging a bargain operation isn't always the safest option. Cosmetic surgeons warn that cheap deals often mean poorly trained doctors and dangerousnot just aesthetically but medically.

My free boobs

Some patients suffer sepsis and even nipple loss as a result of botched procedures. Katie Price first went under the knife at age 18 and had six more breast surgeries before one of her implants ruptured inleaving her with extreme scarring. Hearing the horror stories, I was keen to hunt out some non-surgical alternatives.

The directions suggested applying a small amount daily, massaging into the chest in a circular motion — I applied generously in hope that more cream meant bigger boobs. It was the same consistency as moisturiser and dried surprisingly quickly on the skin. I found it simple and easy to use and I actually think the process of massaging helped in some way to stimulate the growth. I work hard in summer and completely hibernate for winter. But, if I want perfectly sculpted moobs like the Ocean Beach Ibiza hunks, it was time to embrace the pec exercises — and boy was it tough!

My first pec session with a personal trainer at my local David Lloyd gym went OK. It was tough, but doable and consisted of bench presses, flyes and press ups. My free boobs repeated the exercises using two light 2kg dumbbells. I woke up the next morning with a dull ache across my chest, so much so that I was convinced my hormones were playing up. I only did three pectoral sessions throughout my one week bust-boosting experiment and truth be told, it made absolutely no difference to my chest size.

And not just breast size will be affected either.

My free boobs

Experts say that working the pectoral muscles will make breasts appear more firm and stiff. This will give your boobs a lift, some subtle growth and less wobble. Fitting experts say that wearing the right size bra can have a big impact on the appearance of breasts and how big or small they look. I decided to head to lingerie shop, Boux Avenue, to get my first proper fitting in almost 10 years. Once in my fitting room, it was clear there were a of problems with the bra I was wearing that day. The cup size, I was told, was perfect for me.

But the clasp was far too big and the actual straps very loose.

My free boobs

The straps should have a gap of no bigger than two fingers between the shoulder and bra strap and the cups should frame the breasts nicely without any spillage over the sides. Measuring indicated that I had a chest size of 30, which should be worn on the loosest clasp, and cup size, D. I tried on a of beautiful sets and even the basic bras enhanced my chest size. This bad boy was deed specifically for enhancing breast size. Some extra padding also helped to boost their size.

Verdict: Give it a go! This was certainly the easiest option and made a massive difference to the my free boobs and shape of my boobs. Looking in the mirror I felt like an entirely different person. Rolling back your shoulders and pushing out your chest frames not just the breasts, but the body too. I must admit this tactic is more of an illusion than a physical change. But it certainly works in pictures. Stick that chest out and roll those shoulders back!.

Yes, it is. Greeted by makeup artist Amy McLaughlin, my scepticism was clear from the off-set. Can a bit of bronzer and highlighter really make that much difference? She followed the natural curve of my boobs, moving the brush in a C shape from the middle of my bra to the edge of the cup on both sides. Then sandwiching the brown curve, she painted four much paler curves.

I was worried about how obvious and unsubtle my contouring hack might appear. My boobs were looking plump and bouncy. Are these definitely mine? The downside to this method is the inability to wear white. The verdict: Great for a party or night on the town. You could even go bra-less and onlookers would be none the wiser! We take supplements my free boobs weight loss, smoother skin and brain power — so why not take a pill to boost your bust? Enter Fenugreek. The curry stench masked my entire kitchen.

The recommended dose was one to two capsules three times daily, so I followed this, taking one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the evening for a week. You can drink it as a tea, but that was a definite no-no. I love herbal tea, but these smelled of spicy, fragrant curry.

Not only this, the stench clung to my hands after touching just one capsule, so the havoc it would wreak on your mouth after drinking it in a tea seemed unbearable. One Amazon user gave the product 5 stars with great.

I was so pleasantly surprised. I am fuller and I am buying bigger bras. She also put Vogue's bottle of wine-a-day diet to the test - with stomach-churning. She also tried food well past their sell-by dates. in. All Football. Fabulous Sophie Swietochowski. How to do a boob-boosting bench press. Push the dumbbells up so that your arms are directly over your shoulders and your palms are up. Pull your abdominals in, and tilt your chin toward your chest. Lower the dumbbells down and a little to the side until your elbows are slightly below your shoulders. Push the weights back up, taking care not to lock your elbows or allow your shoulder blades to rise off the bench.

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My free boobs

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