Self spanking tips

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Position, swing and duration are the three critical aspects of an effective disciplinary self spanking. Here are three quick tips to help turn those cheeks rosy red and then some:. Position properly. Stand, bend over a piece of furniture, or lay on the bed with your bottom propped over pillows. These self spanking tips positions should be your mainstays for self spanking positions. You must be able to raise your implement high above your bottoms and let it swish through the air before landing on your quivering cheeks.

Swing properly. Get a lot of wrist action in at the end of the swinging motion so that on impact the implement bounces back. This will cause you to feel that extra bite as the leather digs into your skin. Always have a set time limit or of strokes. Collect all the implements you own. Then give yourself a slap maintenance spanking with the implement of your choosing. That should leave you looking something like this:. If you want to integrate ability in your life, become more goal oriented or just want to spank yourself anyway, you should consider, apart from reading the other articles here, to get the The guide for self spanking.

It will teach you the backgrounds of spanking, some things to consider when starting first, and various scenarios in which spanking yourself is necessary. Check out the guide here or click on this imageto go directly to Amazon:.

Miss Jessica I will do it in a bit and post pictures Plus in corner with bar of soap Of course bare butt. Like Like. Yes Miss Jessica Before spanking and after spanking. In corner for 15 minutes with soap in mouth. Will use bathbrush 50, then paddle 50, then bathbrush Should have it done today. I am new to the site so will start today with this practice session. I have tried many times but this is so specific. I will let you know how it goes. Amazing site and guidance. I completed the practice session but made some amendments as I took 75 on the bare but then put my underpants back up for the rest.

I need to adjust a bit as I spanked too hard too fast. I will let my bottom rest today and then try again to follow your instructions better. Felt wonderful but really want to step up and get it correct. I used a long handle bath brush. Thank you for your guidance. Always Ron. I was thinking about my next trial session starting with 50 over a nylon panty and then on the bare? Perhaps it will help slow my strike force down a bit and while offer little protection the panty will help me get my bottom back in spanking shape.

No problem. I will try next time. My bottom was sore. Need better pace next time so I can take more. Plus it hurt and hard to finish when it hurts so much. Thanks for commenting Ron. This is Joel! Please may I give you some advice! I am a self spanker who gets advice and orders from Miss Jessica! I also see a Mistress Disciplinarian once or twice a month!

May I recommend for you to look one up! Remember no pain no gain! I was seeing one lady for a few years and our friendship was complimented by her giving me some memorable spankings. I saw her friend as well. Within a two month period both these ladies decided to retire. Living in NJ it is hard to find a trustworthy and nice lady but I am still looking.

I really appreciate your advice. I will continue to experiment with self spanking and yes this blog is amazing. I will also keep my search active as well. I do crave the OTK experiences I had with my two ladies. Is there no spanking related site available in NJ?

Have you checked out craigslist? I congratulate you joel on becoming a good slave of miss jessica. M a new slave of miss jessica. You r a motivation for me. I want to become like you. Please give me some tips how i should do so that mistress will be pleased with me as she is satisfied with your obedience. Please guide me. My sole purpose is to please miss jessica. Can you suggest me some initiation punishment tasks before confessing anything to mistress jessica. Start by writing regular reports like Joel does.

Have you bought the guide? I have not bought the guide but will do so next week. I am very cautious as have had some bad experiences in the past. I was in a groove for almost four years with a lady but She retired as did her friend. So I keep searching. I love this blog and the dialogue and guidance from your followers it is special. Thank you all I plan on my next session on Tuesday. I know what your saying about trying to find that right! I think you are doing ok and just keep it up.

What is important is that you document everything that you feel you need to be disciplined for! That is what is great with having Miss Jessica Guide you along the way! Not only will Miss Jessica Appreciate your efforts! Miss Jessica self spanking tips also have a better idea of your behaviour and be able to let you know what to do. I would love to have her direct me as I know it will add reality to the spankings?

Thanks again. I am working on finding a new lap and hoe to meet with a lady next month. She seems nice so far. I self spanking tips what you need to see is that we all men and ladies at some point seek discipline! It will help you understand the long term process of discipline that I have taken! Also read my punishment reports! I think you are on the right track! Joel, you are one of my best students, indeed! I will probably post your yearly report in the next days. Good to see that you are looking into having both a Disciplinarian to spank you and going a head with your self spankings as well!

I send my reports direct by simply sending a reply report as I am now to you! It is a really good idea! Hope my advice has been of good assistance! Thanks Joel you have been amazing and I appreciate your help and guidance. I plan on starting Tuesday and will follow your lead as reports to Miss Jessica. As for finding a lap I am very cautious as have had some bad experiences in the past.

My lady was awesome but moved on and the search now is hard. It is mostly ladies who may not be so into spankings but just want you in and out. Also here in NJ many of them use spankings as a lead to pushing gofvsex acts. But I will move on and so appreciate all your assistance. Regards Ron. By the way I am not into the slave aspect but the pure spankings and correction of misdeeds or bad actions. I am a normal person like all just need guidance and direction and of course spankings to keep me in check.

Thanks Regards Ron. Yes the sooner you start the sooner you basically take control of your actions and self control in life! A few other tips about also finding that Mistress as well! Make it clear that you do not have a sex fetish! In the past I have even gone as far as drawing a diagram of the spanking positions of spanker and spankee!

But even those that are not so experienced! With the Spanking world remember for all of us we are self spanking tips Gentlemen and ladies often always self spanking tips something new from this interesting world of discipline. I also agree with you! I to do not see my self as a slave! Guiding me into the right direction. As we all need Discipline in our lives! Glad to be of help Ron! Thank you again. I look forward to moving along with my spanking.

I also plan on getting the book today. Not sure if this is where I should send this but wanted Ms Jessica to know I completed the test spanking session with delightful but painful. I purchased the Guide and read it first as a pure erotic novel…amazing, any doubt that spanking is arousing for me eliminated. I the reread the book as I structural. So this morning, bleak cold rainy day I was alone at home. My head was in the right place so I simply wrote down one transgression about not getting a report done for work.

I relaxed and stayed calm.

Self spanking tips

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