Sluttiest names

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Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. We all know that the girls named with the soap names of the 80s like Kayla and Crystal turned into the skanks who worked at the strip clubs or the local version of Hooters.

You mean names of current whores, or names being given to babies right now that will someday be whore names? Brandy, Remy, Tequila, Bailey, Kahlua and other names taken off bottles of booze. The poor girls don't have a sluttiest names.

Sluttiest names

I can't imagine an year-old woman named Misty, Brandy or Stormy. It's coming in the next two or three decades. These days those are old gal names. The thing with whore names is that they're not the same as names associated with lower socioeconomic classes. Whore names have to do with the person thinking what types of things or names that are are high class.

That or they pick names that have obvious sexual connotations. Sluttiest names said she met a little girl named Jolene and was inspired to use the name in sluttiest names song. Also Cheyenne is a total whore name. R54 slightly unrelated, but over a decade ago when Sarah P. In the medical world, the Bristol scale is a diagnostic scale used to measure the appearance and consistency of shit. No joke. Too bad nobody told Sarah that I recently met a 20s girl who claimed her real name was Elektra.

I asked if I could see an ID but she refused and still insisted her real name was Elektra bc part of her family was Greek. Bet she made it up bc it sounds cooler on her social media and people immediately ask her about it. Classy parents who want classy daughters always go for the Megan not MeghynLauren not Laurynand Caitlin not Kaytlyn. She essentially named her child a slur. And another daughter is named Piper after a Piper Cub airplane Todd used to own probably for coke runs. Is Piper kind of a whore name? Like say for someone working in a strip club near the Alaska Pipeline.

Sluttiest names

Faith, Charity, Chastity, Hope, Mercy, I saw the end credits in a porno where several of the gals had names that absolutely fell into that category. My favorite having been :. There's a total lower-class, white-trash cunt in my neighborhood who is named Caressa. Yeah, caress THIS, bitch! We have a lot of male strippers in my city, and their stripping names usually sound like trendy children's names Brady, Jordan, Holton, Jaxxon, Kai or are ridiculous names that sound like they are American Gladiators Steel, Turbo, Ares, Apollo.

The most common names are Kayla, Abby, Kaitlyn and Madison. When I'm in doubt about a name, I guess one of those and I am usually right. For a guy, Giovanni. It's a trashy Italian name -- supposedly the Italian equivalent of John but think more along the lines of Justin. Dustin is the ultimate millennial male white trash whore name. Not sure about the current Gen Z whore generation?

Do these seem reasonable? Anything that the date of birth marks as homage to a female celebrity or fictional character of that era. R, I have a distant cousin named Giovanni who has kids with three different baby mommas, so yes, slutty and prone to trouble is appropriate. Giovannis are always trouble. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no !

Whore names We all know that the girls named with the soap names of the 80s like Kayla and Crystal turned sluttiest names the skanks who worked at the strip clubs or the local version of Hooters. What are today's whore names? Dylan Sluttiest names. CaseyHaylee. Kelly Sara Ivanka. Anna Nicole. Brooke Lynne. Always a Casey. Classic yet so today. Kourtney Khloe Kim Kendall Kylie.

Sluttiest names

Angelique never goes out of style as a whore name. Brittney, Tiffany. Amber Jamie Taylor Carly. Amber Shelley Terra. Stormy Lexie Starr. Lauren Sanchez Indigo Mahogany Foxxy. Has anyone ever actually been named Jolene? Names from country songs always sound like pole dancing, Tennessee trash. Anything with two syllables that ends in "leen". OP is trans as well as the person in the pic. I beg your pardon, R Asia, China. Belle Watling. Kate Middleton Fuglicia Spazetta.

Sluttiest names

Cassidy Dakota. Tracy Turnblad. Emmie Slattery. Sierra Bree Brianna Jenna Ashlynn. R71 you mean Ciara or Cierra or Cyara. Mary of Magdala. Elizabeth Margaret Catherine Meghan Beatrice. Natasha Marya Helene Sonya. Nevaeh McKenzie Amber. I think some are confusing whore names with lower-class names, they're not the same. If "Zach" is a whore name R23, then you're in luck.

And another daughter is named Piper after a Piper Cub airplane Todd used to own probably for coke runs Is Piper kind of a whore name? The person in OP's pic sure has an ugly nose to be showcasing it with sluttiest names nose ring. Michelle Visage. There is no G in Trisomy Jane Elizabeth Mary Kitty Lydia. Charlotte Emily Anne.

Alex Forrest. Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson. Brianna Jessa Amber Destiny. Men: Justin Women: Monica.

Sluttiest names

R96 I love that episode. Candy, Candi, and Brandy for the win. All the booze names qualify: Brandy, Sherry, Chardonnay and Champagne. Jordana or Jordanah. Duchess of sussex! Chicago Cum Dump! Valtrexia Penicillinique. Linda Kolkena. Though to be honest, she was more of a slut. Really young.

Windsor biggest whores in the world. R it is Wrigleyville Sluttiest names. Rita, as in Rita Whora. As an aside, how do you pronounce Chantal, the original name? Is it "shawn-TAL"? My favorite having been : Cunt 1. Bailey or better yet, variations like Bailee.

Dawn Desiree Tifny Mariposa. If she had TB you could call her Coughie. For a black whore, Darkeen. Bianca, Lana, Ilana.

Sluttiest names

Carli, Carly, Carlee. Synfully D'lishuss. He's a protitution whore. Miss Stevia Honey Sugar. Pronounced, of course: She-tay-ed. Mary, that unwed whore. Angel my ass. Why, r? Ireland Baldwin is now a successful model. R Melania was a model too. Kayla is a very popular name today and the girls who have it aren't whorish. What about boys names, teach?

Sluttiest names

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Do Slutty Girls have Slutty Names? Who was the biggest slut in your 7th Grade?