Smoking fetish world

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I remember when I first started smoking around the age of sixteen, I felt like the sexiest person in the world. I would wear my smoking fetish world red dress, some pink lipstick, put on the song Filthy Gorgeous by the Scissor Sisters, and walk up and down the street smoking cigarettes. Perhaps my feelings of empowerment while smoking came from watching old movies with beautiful women smoking long, elegant cigarettes. Or maybe the sexualization of smoking is due to its proximity to the mouth. You know, the same mouth that you kiss and give pleasure with.

Regardless, it is no surprise that some folks derive sexual pleasure from watching others smoke. A smoking fetish, otherwise known as capnolagnia, can take on many forms. Most folks with smoking fetishism are turned on by watching others smoke or, upon occasion, turned on by smoking themselves.

They often have sexual fantasies about watching people smoke and desire to watch people smoke in various situations. In addition, they are usually interested in incorporating smoking into their sexual interactions. For example, have their partner smoke during oral sex or intercourse. Although I decided not to take the deal, I was curious and asked him why he was so into people smoking. He said he loved watching innocent girls which I guess he thought I was? He enjoyed watching girls wear red lipstick, lick their lips and slowly blow smoke into his face. Although he was unsure where this fetish came from, he mentioned having this desire his whole life.

In addition, he had a particular infinity for oral sex and anything involving the mouth and lips, and enjoying smoking was a natural extension smoking fetish world that. Some people who are into BDSM may engage in a more extreme version. And I even heard stories about people desiring to be a human ashtray.

For example, their dominant partner tells them to swallow ash, have smoke blown in their face, and even put a cigarette out on their arms. This is one way to explore consensual humiliation masochism for smoking fetish people. Albeit, a potentially dangerous one, if not explored safely. As with any fetish, it is hard to know what circumstances came into place to make one particularly turned on by smoking.

The desire may have to do with the smell of smoke, the aesthetic of the cigarette, or its proximity to the mouth. It may also have to do with associations they have experienced during their early childhood experiences. An article in Health Communication explored the prevalence of smoking Youtube videos and found that ofsmoking videos, 2, videos were about smoking fetishes. The of smoking fetish videos was even higher than the of antismoking videos, showing that this fetish may be relatively common. In addition, there are also tons of online communities for people with a smoking fetish, including many Reddit forums and other groups like alt.

In these groups, folks can share stories, pictures, and videos of people eroticizing smoking. When exploring smoking fetish world content out there, many smoking fetish videos feature women. However, when exploring the online forum, there are certainly also some women who have smoking fetishes, but it seems like a smaller group.

Every sexual interaction holds some level of risk, and exploring smoking fetishes is no different. Can smoking kill you? But the risk level depends on your body. She knows about my smoking fetishes, and she indulged me as a special thing. A smoking fetish requires tact when talking to a partner, as there are potential health consequences with this lifestyle. For example, if your partner is already a smoker, I might casually mention you find smoking sexy.

And ask if they would be open to incorporating smoking into a sexual scenario. As always, when talking about a fetish with your partner for the first time, I suggest starting slow. Perhaps watching smoking fetish videos together or touching your partner as they smoke — before getting into anything too intense.

Ensure to create a safe space emotionally but also physically by playing around in a fire-safe area where smoking is permitted. Before bringing it up, I would research a nicotine-free cigarette or vape that you could find enjoyable. Instead, perhaps explore the fetish on your own with porn. Or ask your partner if they would be open to you exploring your fetish with someone else.

Smoking fetish world

Everyone has their comfort level. Particularly with the adverse health outcomes, this fetish may be one to enjoy only in particular situations that feel consensual, controlled, and safe. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

Smoking fetish world

These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics,other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. What Is A Smoking Fetish? I know someone who had his first sexual experience with an older woman when he was Her place reeked of cigarettes, and after he had his first partnered orgasm, they went and smoked together.

Smoking fetish world I am unsure if his current desire towards cigarette smoking would quite reach the level of a fetish, it has led him to be attracted to smokers. So often, these childhood and young adulthood experiences shape our sexual development and may impact our desires for the rest of our life. Some folks who develop this fetish may have had an early childhood experience relating to the mouth.

And they are now smoking fetish world on by watching the mouth in action. Viewing someone you find sexy in a film during an impressionable period could be enough to develop the association with smoking and sexual arousal.

For those that grew up in the modern era, instead of smoking is sexualized, society highly condemns it for its health consequences. As I discussed in the article on foot fetisheswhen folks experience disgust or discomfort, it can often become sexualized. So, because the medical community revealed the negative health consequences of the smoking culture, many folks began to think of it as gross and dirty.

But since taboo is a huge part of many fetishes, for some, this shift may have increased their desire towards it. As someone mentioned on one of the forums, do you think lung cancer is sexy? Is Smoking Fetishes Unhealthy?

Smoking fetish world

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Smoking fetish world

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Smoking fetish world

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