Submissive couple stories

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My current preference is Cathy. My current preference in hair color is red. My friend Cindy is a tall attractive blond, 29, taller than me, with a more curvey body. Kelly and Scott are girlfriend and boyfriend. They both have blond hair, although Scotts could better be described as tan or light brown. In addition they are very intelligent, articulate, and upscale, so there is plenty of room to bring them down in the world, so to speak. A partial lifestyle if you will, and they wanted to be erotically dominated together, they found it more exciting and erotic that way, so did Cindy and I.

As Kelly submissive couple stories bi and so are Cindy and I, the sex thing with Scott included, works out just fine. One evening about 3 months into their new partial lifestyle, we were all at the cool house Cindy and I share. They were nude of course except for their g-strings the most clothing they are allowed to wear in the houseand their hands were cuffed behind their backs. Scott inquired. I slapped him hard but playfully on his bare ass. I replied gleefully. In fact from between them I noticed that already their breathing had quickened, and submissive couple stories the nipples on both their bare chests had hardened.

That got them to relent, and with Cindy pulling and me pushing we got them out of the house and into the car. It was a cool night and since Kelly and Scott were wearing only their g-strings they had to be chilly. While I drove Cindy crawled in the back seat with them to keep them warm by teasing and playing with their nipples.

They both have remarkably sensitive and excitable nipples. Cindy had to repeatedly warn them not to moan or whimper too much as she teased them. It is an hours drive to the club and by the time we got there, forget the chilly night, both Scott and Kelly were flushed and perspiring, all the back windows were fogged. Without further ado thats exactly how we marched them into the club. It was still early, there were about 50 people in the somewhat cavernous club, and about 10 submissives. Judging from the flashes of bare skin I saw in the dim light none of the other submissives were nearly as bare as Kelly and Scott were.

Kelly and Scott were naturally enough the automatic center of attention. Such exquisite humiliation! To stand there all but naked before a crowd of strangers in a public place, and not only naked but blatantly sexually aroused as well. The overload of humiliation was making both of them visibly tremble and guake as a crowd gathered. As it was they could only stand there trembling, red faced and flushed, their eyes on the floor as the crowd ogled them commenting, giggling, laughing, whistling at them or about them.

Kelly and Scott stood before the registration table wearing only their g-strings. We had uncuffed and unleached them. Behind the table sat two burly male dominants, and a devilish looking young fem-dom. Some of the color of embarrassment had drained from Kelly and Scotts faces now that they were out of the limelight. They had to give all their personal information address, phone s etc. Then came the barked command.

Kelly complied fairly quickly working the tiny thong down till it lay around her ankles. Scott on the other hand was much slower. The registrars chuckled and Scott colored furiously. I so much wanted to help him out by taking that slick aroused prick into my mouth right there, but there would be time for that later.

They now stood there totally nude. We make Kelly keep her sex shaved, allowing her only a small strip of submissive couple stories above her pubis. Scott too is required to keep about half of his pubic hair shaven off and his balls hairless. Only then were they allowed to pull their g-strings back up and were welcomed to the club. After registration we headed right to the bar. On this occasion I thought we might make an exception as the night had been fairly trying on them and I thought we could all use a drink.

They were both happy when I told them they were each allowed to have one drink, after……. Most of the floor of the club unfortunately, was smooth dark concrete sticky here and there with spilled drinks and discarded chewing gum. It had to be cold against Kelly and Scotts bare feet and certainly was not the best surface for kneeling. Kelly obediently complied however, and knelt her near perfect body on the dirty floor in front of me.

Scott however was a different matter, apparently he had decided his pride had, had enough. I canceled the water and as Scott stood there helpless, as a mistress, I told the bartender no one was to serve Scott at all.

He turned to face me his little rebellion quite defeated. Slowly he dropped to his knees by the bar on the sticky floor. I stopped him before he said anything. Scott had gotten himself back in the limelight again. With trembling hands Scott lowered his g-string down his thighs. I stepped in close pressing my bare leg against his half hard cock, as he knelt.

I said lifting his chin. I made him ask for a drink 3 times, running my fingers over his lips as he did so, feeling his bare cock hardening against my leg. Wow, now I needed a drink! Humiliating and sexually arousing someone at the same time is such a rush! Scott red faced had to struggle to pull his g-string up over his again iron hard erection. In the end I only allowed them a half a drink each. We all moved over to a seating area where we sat on comfortable sofas, while Kelly and Scott knelt on the floor, carpeted in that area by thread bare carpet.

As we talked it was Kelly and Scotts job to hop up and fetch us drinks from the bar, nude except for their little g-strings of course, and then serve them to us. This meant they had to make their way through the crowd where anyone could grope them or cop a feel of their nubile bodies. This went well enough for an hour or so, then we decided it was time for something else. There was a horizontal brass rail along one side of the bar with handcuffs dangling from it. It is called the cuffing bar and Dominants can cuff their submissives, and slaves there.

When Kelly and Scott saw where we were heading with them, they both balked trying to get a firm grip on the floor with their bare feet, but the 4 of us tugging pushing and giggling, got them into position and cuffed them to the railing. Then giggling the 4 of us were a bit tipsy by then we headed for the dance floor. We took our time and danced for submissive couple stories 5 songs working off some of the alcohol before we rembered Kelly and Scott and began to make our way back to the side bar.

As we approached I could see a large crowd of people gathered around the cuffing bar, and in the center, flashes of bare skin. Kelly and Scott! We elbowed our way through and there was Kelly her tanned wrists still cuffed to the rail leaning back against a man who was fondling, tweaking, and teasing her smallish but perfectly shaped and up thrust bare breasts and especially her sexy little nipples. He must have been doing it for some time, as her eyes were half closed, her chest was flushed, and her very hard nipples were fully engorged.

Thinking our slaves had, had enough for a while we moved to a quiet submissive couple stories and let Kelly and Scott sit, rest their racing bodies and drink some water. It was now submissive couple stories crowded in the club. About people were present about 30 of them submissives. After our rest Cindy and I took Scott and Kelly with leeshes attached to one of the stages to watch. They seemed less self conscious and submissive couple stories now as they walked only in their g-strings through a public crowd pulled on a leesh.

On the stage a male dominant was spanking a somewhat heavy nude female submissive tied over a horse. The blows were with a large wooden paddle with holes in it, and were hard and punishing, her ass was slowly turning from dark red to purple. Meanwhile on the same stage a female dominant had her nude male sub locked in a iron maiden, with clamps and clothespins placed strategically around his body, and a good looking blond submissive wearing only a g-string was being tied to an X frame by her master.

We insist Kelly and Scott only tan in the nude, so they have no tan lines, lots of regular exercise keeps their asses toned super firm, and they each have such flawless skin. As we watched the performance I stood behind and between them stroking and cupping their sexy bare bottoms. I told them that for some infraction they could be on the stage being punished for the crowd, and asked if they would they like that, and did it excite them. They said no, but their bodies were saying yes, yes. We made our way back to the seating area. The crowd being much bigger now, Kelly was jostled on her way back from the bar spilling my drink.

I told her she had just earned herself a punishment on stage. Her face blanched white and she moved to back away. I was on her in a flash, grabbing her wide pony tail of blond hair, twisting an arm behind her bare back. I conducted her that way half bent over to the smaller side stage where I flung her over a horse and quickly fastened her spread ankles, and wrists down.

There was no doubt Kelly looked great tied over the horse, her perfect bare ass served up, arched out as a target, her toned bare legs stretched out taut, her bare breasts and hard nipples dangling down the other side. After suggestively caressing her quivering buttocks for a few seconds I picked up a paddle and went to it. Kelly took it quite well. As I neared the end of her spanking I could hear her breath racing from the stinging pain in her ass, but that was all, she had her mouth clamped shut and had not shed a tear.

Before she could recover I hit her again in the same place, her bare body going rigid and her toes actually curling from the atrocious smart, then again and again. The last time she screamed, and then broke down, crying elaborately. Having made my point, I finished up with a few light slaps on her now fiery red ass, then released her and helped her down frm the stage to a light smattering of applause. Scott was next. Cindy bound him over the same horse and paddled his bare ass for anyone who cared to watch. When she was done we all headed back to the seating area. Back at the seating area we again had them kneel on the thread bare carpet.

They looked so delectable kneeling up off their heels, backs straight, chins up but eyes downcast. Both their perfect asses glowing. We had them serve us drinks again, then we allowed them to sit on the sofas with us,….

Submissive couple stories

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Submissive Couple Stories